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Translation needs no introducing. We don’t need to explain what it is or its relevance. We are simply surrounded by it, in every one of its manifestations. Our lives have unique features and move forward in certain ways because of the people who have made it their task to join to or more cultures together by means of their linguistic abilities. The fact that we currently have such a broad communication, which makes the world seem an ever smaller place, is largely thanks to translation.
But behind effective communication, that is, one in which the inter-communicators easily understand each other, there are human beings who, with their academic knowledge and interpretative skills, manage contents and adapt them for specific receivers. This is a vital process to achieve successful understanding.
Under this assumption I, Guillermina Usunoff, along with my team, take on every single one of our projects. Our professional mission is to shrink the gap among inter-communicators. In our world today, where we require communication to be a vertiginous information exchange, our role as translators is more important than ever. And it’s a great honor to be a part of the community that makes this happen.


English has been a part of my life ever since I was born. I spent several years of my childhood in Tucson, Arizona, in the United States, where I learned the language and had my elementary education. After coming back to Argentina permanently, in 1992, I continued my English training and passed international exams such as First Certificate and Certificate in Advanced English. So my most natural and logical choice was English Translation as my course of studies, and in 2006 I got my Sworn Translator degree in the Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
For more than 10 years now I have been dedicated to audiovisual translation, which I’m very passionate about not only for its social relevance but also for its multiple features that make it the most interesting type for me. I also do technical-scientific and literary translations, among others.
One of my foundations is teamwork, not only because every member has a chance to apply their specific skills in a given area, but also because every one of their contributions brings the final product to a richer level. When requested to take on a great volume of work, somewhat complex projects, or whenever the client needs, I work with my team of colleagues in an organized interdisciplinary network with the sole aim to render the most accurate message. Furthermore, our line of work is based on translating the original sense, that is, its meaning within the context it was first created in. This pragmatic view guarantees the most appropriate reception of the message and produces in the receiver a reaction equivalent to the one intended.


All services are provided from English into Spanish and vice versa

Subtitle translation and spotting; file creation in several formats

Content translation for dubbing in voice over or lip sync formats

Subtitling for documentaries, reality shows, fiction, feature and short films, soap operas, plays, corporate videos, commercial spots, trailers, etc.

Audio and video transcriptions of conferences, trainings, focus groups, etc.

Production and post-production script creation

Creation of closed captions or subtitles for the hearing-impaired

Videogame localization

Technical-scientific and literary translations

Text translation for IT, web sites and product catalogues



Guillermina Usunoff


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